Spotted – ELF painting as backdrop

Posted on Jun 5, 2012



An Errol Lee Fullen painting was spotted in an article from the Financial Post recently.

The Financial Posts column The C Suite tag line is ‘ interviews with top decision makers‘. Kevin O’Brien, President of IMV projects is interviewed in ‘Winning the war on Talent‘ about how the most competitive edge his company has on attracting good employees is their culture. This forward thinking sentiment is visually mirrored in the editorial decision to use ‘Floating World’ as a backdrop for the photo.  The 26′ ‘Floating World’ has hung in the lobby of the Murphy Oil building for over 20 years. It’s immense size of the piece fits perfectly with the scale of the open space, and can even be seen from the street. This is not the only place Errol’s pieces can be found downtown. Several law firms, business and public spaces showcase his work with the most recent acquisition being the mayors office at City Hall.