Donation to Mount Royal University

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

In the Summer of 2014 Errol Lee Fullen donated a large work of art to Mount Royal University. ‘Avatara’  (5.5’ x 16′ painting) has now been hung in the Library.

As an advocate for higher learning and an avid reader himself, Errol felt that the donation and its’ destination was a perfect fit. “Libraries are inspirational places of vast information and learning opportunity and the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre at Mount Royal University will provide students with state of the art learning spaces. I felt the exuberant energy of the piece would enliven both the physical space and the student experience.”

The donation of Avatara contributes to MRU’s growing collection of original Errol Lee Fullen works of art and is currently on public display in the library. Other pieces include ‘By the Way and Song’ of the ‘Silver Brothers’ (both currently in the library), ‘Phoenix’ (outside the Moot Court), ‘Warm Sound’ (on loan to the Faculty Centre), and a variety of smaller works placed in the Department of General Education and the Academic Development Centre.